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All Time Favorites The Original Sinners & Tatiana & Alexander(Best Love Story Ever)chocolate Lovers,Beyond Eden,Black Dagger Brotherhood,Undeniable, Shattered Glass,,Kristen Ashley,The Fault in Our Stars,The Golden Dynasty,Experiment in Terror,How To Kill a Rockstar,Rock Chick series,Forbidden,Wounded, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

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Weight of a Gun - Elizabeth Hyder, Cornelia Grey, Gryvon, Sumi, Lydia Nyx, Penny K. Moss, Peter  Hansen The Bounty Hunter by Cornelia Grey - 5 stars. Loved it.Would like to read more about these guys.Changing the Guard by Peter Hansenm - 2 starsThe Machinist by Gryvon - 3-½ stars - Liked this one. Wish it had been a little longer.My Rifle is Human by Sumi - 4 stars.In the Pines by Lydia Nyx - 4½ stars. Loved this one. Second favourite.Compromised Judgement by Penny K Moss - 1 star.